Welcome to a new level of professional recognition – Swiss Risk Association is an external and independent provider of Risk Manager attestations. Show your knowledge to others!

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    Who We Are – Swiss Risk Association (SRA)

    The Swiss Risk Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the risk management profession. Our aim is to bring together professionals and enthusiasts alike through events, lectures, seminars, and now through our education program.

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    Why have an SRA Attestation?

    • Enhanced Credibility: As an independent validation, the SRA attestation brings a higher degree of credibility to your accomplishments and offers a more meaningful endorsement of your learning, which can be instrumental in your career development.
    • Showcase your expertise:   As a risk manager recognized by the SRA, you will receive an electronic attestation and badge, enabling you to exhibit your achievements through various channels such as LinkedIn, email signatures, and your CV. These digital badges are versatile and provide a link to a comprehensive summary of your risk management training when clicked. Try out by clicking the badge below.

    Introducing the SRA Attestation

    SRA assessors evaluated the quality of the Credit Suisse Level 1 Risk Curriculum training and are prepared to attest your knowledge by issuing an independent proof of knowledge which could be used in your social media, curriculum vitae and external career profile.

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    Your Path to SRA Attestation

    Are you a Credit Suisse risk management program graduate ? Here’s how to acquire your SRA attestation:

    1. Email your name and email address to klemme@swiss-risk.org including your chosen Option or contact us via the above form.
    2. We will send you an email with next steps and payment request.
    3. Upon receipt of payment, your SRA attestation will be delivered electronically within 7 – 10 days.

    The SRA Attestation is a unique digital certificate that you can share on your professional profiles, include in email signatures, or add as a link to your CV. 

    Take your career to the next level with the SRA Attestation – because risk management is more than a profession, it’s a commitment to excellence.