In 2019 we plan 24 events for you.

17 are accessible for members, 7 are public. Every event includes a networking cocktail.

Everybody can become a member. The yearly fee is CHF 100.-.

2 Flagship events

Established Leaders present emerging and evolving risk topics

Leaders engage in a panel discussion and answer questions from the audience. Free public event, followed by a networking cocktail, at the University of Zurich.
Access: Public
Price: Free

5 Swiss Risk Dinners

Combines education and networking with a relaxing dinner

Distinguished keynote speakers inspire the discussions during dinner. We are planning 5 Swiss Risk Dinners taking place in La Bottega di Mario, Carlton.

Access: Public

Price: CHF 110.-/130.-

15 Chapter events

Small groups of risk professionals exchange thoughts and test ideas

Each chapter has 2-3 annual chapter meetings. Chapters are FinTech, Model Risk, Operational Risk, Reg. Developments, Risk Appetite Frameworks, Stress Testing.

Access: Member 

Price: Free

1 Know Risk, Know Fun

Meet informally and network in a relaxing atmosphere 

Meet other risk professionals at Know Risk, Know Fun events. In 2019 we plan one exclusive Member Party with food, drinks and music at Seebad Enge.

Access: Member

Price: Free