We are very proud to announce that the Swiss Risk Association is expanding to the French-speaking part of Switzerland in 2022:

It is our goal and commitment to expand our offerings in the Romandie. Therefore, we are in the process of developing a new SRA chapter called “Romandie”. This new venture will be mainly dedicated to the French-speaking part of Switzerland and covers risk domains specific to the Romandie. This chapter will also work closely with other existing chapters so that the use of knowledge is optimized. There are certainly plans to duplicate events of interest in both Zurich or Geneva.

Goals of Chapter Romandie

The main goals of the Chapter “Romandie” is to provide a platform for exchanging ideas, best practices, experiences within “Suisse Romandie” Risk Professionals community. The Chapter will cover the Private Banking and Asset Management risk domains (e.g. customer risks, reputational risks, regulatory risks, investment risks, credit risks, operational risks, ESG risks, cross-border risks etc.) as well as the Commodities Trading activities and related risk domains such as credit/counterparty, market, trading, operational, reputation, sanctions and regulatory risks.

Romandie Team

The initiative is driven by Jean-Pierre Colombara, who is a SRA Board Member and will chair the new chapter “Romandie”. He will closely work with John Shipman (CRO of HSBC Private Banking) and other members of the new team

As part of this Chapter, It is also our plan to develop a new offering covering the business area “Commodities Trading ” and related risks. This business has significantly increased the past years, especially within the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud. This new initiative will be managed by Patricia Ulrich Garcia Cid.

From left: Jean-Pierre Colombara, John Shipman
  • Jean-Pierre Colombara, Board Member & Chair Chapter Romandie
  • John Shipman, Co-Chair Romandie / Private Banking
  • Patricia Ulrich Garcia Cid, Co-Chair Romandie / Commodities Trading
  • Jean-Noël Ardouin, Chapter Manager Romandie Private Banking
  • Philippe Vautravers, Chapter Manager Romandie Private Banking
  • Jean-Baptiste Rasson, Chapter Manager Romandie Private Banking
  • Maher Manif, Advisory Asset Management
  • Jérome Deponds, Advisory Private Banking / Asset Management

Launch of Romandie Chapter and Round-Table with 4 CROs

A first event is organized by the Chapter “Romandie” for September 20, 2022. This event is organized for the official launch of the Chapter “Romandie” and will include a round table with four Chief Risk Officers (CRO) of financial institutions located in Geneva and Vaud. This round table will a be a discussion on the risk challenges during the past years, the lessons learned and more.

For more information about this event and for free registration, you can directly register here: https://www.swiss-risk.org/upcoming-events/chapter-romandie/