As the Swiss Risk Association (SRA) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in this year, we are excited to unveil our new logo, representing a significant milestone in our organization’s journey.

At the heart of our logo is the timeless symbol of a mountain, which has been an integral part of our identity since the founding of our association in 2013. The mountain represents strength, stability, and security – qualities that are synonymous with Risk Management and align perfectly with the mission of the Swiss Risk Association.

We have chosen the Gotthard mountain as the centerpiece of our new logo: it serves as a metaphorical bridge connecting different parts of the country. Similarly, the SRA acts as a unifying force by bringing together professionals from both the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

And finally – we have chosen GT Zirkon, a font that has been made by a swiss graphic designer to show our swissness and admiration for swiss knowledge and creativity.