Chapter Description

This chapter is being launched in 2021 and will focus on risk management in the pharma and healthcare industries – including the emerging wellness trend. In these industries, protection of the patient is key, and effective risk management and compliance are equivalent to the license to operate. Therefore we will focus on:

  • What risks drive most significantly the pace within the pharma and healthcare industry?
  • How risk management adds value to the quality management system and the manufacturing processes?
  • When data becomes a differentiator, how can risk management help to unlock the power of data?
  • How can technology disruption create strategic opportunity within the pharma and healthcare industry?
  • How to strengthen pharma ethics and compliance and to contribute to a sustainable and responsible business attitude? 
  • Investors have increased their interest on the life science contribution to overall societal health.  Is this a risk or opportunity?  How can risk management support in building trust?

There will be yearly 2-3 meetings. The meetings are prepared and moderated to ensure a focused discussion on a predefined meeting topic around Pharma, Healthcare and Wellness. Presentations are made available to members.

Chapter Team

Chair: Giselle Lim (Takeda), SRA Boardmember
Co-Chair: Netta Nyholm (EY)
Manager: Patrick Erbsland (EY)
Advisory: tbd