Level 1

The recipient has successfully completed the Credit Suisse Risk Curriculum, an internal training program provided to specific Credit Suisse employees. The modules of this program have been individually assessed by the members of the Swiss Risk Association’s Education Committee. The education committee is made up of current and former professionals in the area of risk management who confirm that this training’s breadth meets the criteria for Level One Risk Manager.

The modules within this curriculum are:

  • Financial Risk Basics
  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity and ALM Risk
  • Non-financial Risk Basics
  • Basel III Standards
  • Reputational Risk
  • Sustainability Risk

Judging process

  • Step 1 – Short nomination: 26.8
  • Step 2 – Initial shortlisting by Award Committee*: 2.9
  • Step 3 – Assessment with further information (presentations, papers, references etc.): 23.9
  • Step 4 – Selection of winner and runner up by Judging Panel**: 14.10

* Award Committee: Anton Seidel (Swiss Re), Janos Blum (ZKB), Ioannis Akkizidis (Wolters Kluwer), Jean-Pierre Colombara (LGT), Kathrin Meier (Entrepreneur & Book Author, former Chief Risk Officer)

** Judging Panel: Roger Müller (CRO ZKB), Monica Mächler (BoD Zurich Insurance), Dominic Rau (Risk Management, Swiss Re), Volker Gloe (CRO Cembra Bank)


  • Cash prize of CHF 2’500. Note: in case of a group or firm winning, the prize money must be split.
  • Chance to present at a high profile venue, e.g. speaking slot at ETH Risk Days, speaking slot at SRA event (Swiss Risk Dinner or Chapter) etc.
  • All finalists will be honoured for their achievements with a Swiss Risk Association certificate.


Criteria for selection

  • Practical Impact: Improves (or has potential to improve) effectiveness/efficiency of risk management practices at a micro- or macro level
  • Originality/creativity: Candidates are “thinking outside the box”  as well as “looking at the bigger picture” while pushing/expanding the intellectual boundaries
  • Societal impact: What is the potential application in contributing to the risk management system from a societal perspective? I.e. is there a broader benefit for society? Or is this mainly for the benefit/competitive advantage of a few/select firms/institutions?

Who will win the next Swiss Risk Award?

Maybe you. If or your team have contributed value to risk management, then you should let us know and register for the Swiss Risk Award. We are looking forward to hear about your contribution!

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Risk Curriculum Level 1 Attestation

What you get

✅ Individual electronic attestation document to prove your achievements and fields of expertise within Risk Management.
✅ Individual electronic badge showing your Risk Manager education Level.
✅ QR Code showing a comprehensive summary of the Risk Modules you have passed.

How to use it

✅ You can use the attestation and badge in your email signature, on Social Media (e.g. LinkedIn) or in your career documents to demonstrate your knowledge in the various fields of Risk Management.

Special offer for CS (until 31.8)

Non SRA-Members

✅ 1. Option
Attestation Only
CHF 150.- (instead of CHF 200.-)
✅ 2. Option
Attestation + SRA membership for one year
CHF 150.- (instead of CHF 300.-)

SRA Members

✅ 3. Option
Attestation Only
CHF 50.- (instead of CHF 200.-)