13. December: Managing Risks in the Cloud

  • Chapter Event: Managing Risks in the Cloud
    13. December 2018
    18:30 - 20:00
This Op Risk Chapter event focuses on the growing use of cloud services from three perspectives: a cloud service provider, a cloud service user and a cybersecurity advisor’s point of view
– Where is the market going and what developments have we seen over the last years?
– What are the benefits and challenges of adopting the new technology?
– What are the impacts on bank secrecy and regulatory requirements?
– What can we learn from a large bank’s experience from their ‘journey of adoption’ to date?
– What happens when things go wrong?
– How can institutions govern and manage risks in the cloud?
Lorik Sefaj: Global Head of Cyber Adversary Protection at UBS AG
Marc Holitscher: National Technology Officer & Member of the Board at Microsoft Switzerland
Tom Schmidt: EMIEIA Financial Services Advisory – Cybersecurity Leader FSO Switzerland and Partner at EY
Chapter Event
In our chapter events – access for members only – we present one or more speakers to share knowledge, updates and best practises on a specific risk topic. In small groups of risk professionals you can exchange thoughts and test ideas. More on SRA chapters. This event is hosted by the chapter Operational Risk including Cyber Risk.



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