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Bruno Y. Thalmann Art Leasing & Invest AG
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The world of art is a captivating but also has many risks. When this world collides with the structured, numbers-driven realm of finance, challenges can arise. This event aims to bridge the gap, empowering you to navigate the intersection of art and finance with confidence. Looking beyond traditional loan options, the event will introduce the concept of art leasing. This innovative financing solution allows art collectors to leverage their collection while keeping risks manageable for financial institutions. We’ll explore how this type of art credit works and the benefits it offers.

  1. One of the biggest hurdles faced by banks is the valuation of artwork offered as collateral. Unlike stocks or bonds, artwork lacks a readily available market value. This event will delve into strategies for accurate art valuation, ensuring both the bank’s security and the borrower’s fair treatment.
  2. But the complexities go beyond valuation. Transaction risks lurk in the shadows, from questions of authenticity to legalities surrounding ownership. We will explore best practices for mitigating these risks and ensuring secure, transparent art-related transactions.
  3. Taxation adds another layer of complexity. This event will unpack the tax implications of art ownership and transactions. Are there tax advantages to be gained? Is buying or leasing art a more strategic move from a tax perspective?

Whether you work in a bank credit department, deal with bankable and non-bankable assets, or simply have a passion for art, this event is for you. Join us on this journey to demystify art investment risks and unlock the potential of this dynamic and rewarding asset class.​


Bruno Y. Thalmann, CEO at Art Leasing & Invest AG​

Bruno Y. Thalmann is the founder and CEO of Art Leasing & Invest AG, a company specializing in art financing since 2005. As a former consultant, he was frequently challenged with questions about combining knowledge in finance and art, such as: How much is a piece of art worth? Can art be financially analyzed? What are the tax implications?

Consequently, the company began focusing on both institutional and private clients, facilitating access to artworks from galleries and auction houses worldwide. Several professional financing tools have been developed to manage art assets. These include the Art Rating system, which strategically positions artists within a price/rating matrix, and the Art Value Analysis tool, which accurately determines the price range of individual artworks. In 2017, his company expanded to Abu Dhabi by founding Sustainable Art Projects LLC, focusing on a significant art project at the city’s newly constructed airport and on enhancing the art customer experience.

Before his entrepreneurial endeavors in the art world, Bruno developed his skills in financial, cost, and performance management during his tenure at Arthur Andersen, where he advised international clients in the financial services industry. Bruno holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Zurich and is fluent in five languages. Born in Mexico City, he lives in Zurich with his family. He loves art and, when he has time, plays golf with good friends.



17:45 Doors open, name tag collection
18:00 Intro of moderator and panelists
18:20 Speech
18:45 Q&A from the Audience
18:55 Flying dinner and networking

  • Financing Art and Mastering Risks
     2. September 2024
     18:00 - 21:00


Hiltl Akademie, Raum Ambrosius, Sihlstrasse 24, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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