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Corporate membership is available in 2 different corporate packages: BASIC or FULL: It is possible to resize the package to your individual needs.

FULL Corporate Members

BASIC Corporate Members

Benefits of the BASIC corporate membership

  • Nominate up to 10 employees who enjoy the full benefits of individual membership, access to all events and restricted content. This includes:
    • Access 15 exclusive “member only” events (e.g. chapter events) plus free networking cocktail
    • Access restricted web-content of past events: download speaker presentations, view replay of events
    • Get reduced price for “Swiss Risk Dinner” of CHF 110.- (regular price CHF 150.-).
    • Be invited to the exclusive annual Member Party with networking, food, drinks and music.
    • Get special discounts on other events in risk management
  • Get 5 tickets annually for the Swiss Risk Dinner events (regular price CHF 150.- per person). Tickets can be used for the employees of the corporate members and for its guests.
  • Free support, change of employee accounts is possible.

Benefits of the FULL corporate membership

  • The FULL corporate membership extends the BASIC package with the following:
  • Nominate up to 2 representatives to be part of the exclusive “CRO Circle”.
  • The CRO Circle meets regularly to exchange thought and ideas on risk topics of relevance at C-level. This may happen during informal networking dinner events or at conferences. No additional fee is charged.

CRO Circle

Why CRO Circle

The “CRO Circle” institutionalizes the need to debate thoughts and ideas with your C- and Board level colleagues informally. It helps you to identify risk topics that you didn’t think of yet. It provides you with very exclusive networking opportunities and surely new friendships.

Learning at C- and Board level: We take care about the type of education that cannot easily be taught at school and not easily acquired by reading books. We aim to learn from each other. We believe this is very essential to avoid bitter experiences, that result in financial losses and reputational damage for your firm and for yourselves.

Examples: If you need a sparring partner for some of the following topics, the CRO Circle provides the right platform for you.

  • How do to deal with a “conflict of interest” and “over-confidence” at C- and Board level, that are very often the root cause for big damages.
  • When to inform or involve the regulator or the auditor.
  • Deal with risk management tasks that cannot be delegated, for governance or other reasons.
  • Risk culture and conduct: generate an environment of being alert, with healthy escalation, and where people are allowed to make and learn from mistakes.
  • Risk identification: What are the future adverse scenarios, new black swan events, topics with low probability but high impact for your firm.
  • Generate a framework to manage risks that cannot be easily measured or where setting limits are not feasible, e.g. future scenarios with no historical data points.

Event format of CRO Circle

The “CRO Circle” is a format offered by the Swiss Risk Association since 2021. It includes a couple of networking dinners per year, and potentially a risk conference once a year. We aim to invite some very senior key note speakers to these events. As the program is only recently offered, changes may be implemented based on feedback of the CRO Circle members.

How to become member of the CRO Circle

The “CRO Circle” targets the most senior risk managers, the leaders who are responsible to identify and manage the risk for a company comprehensively.

  • The nominated CRO Circle member needs to be in the Executive or Non-Executive board of that company. Exceptions need to be explained (e.g. the Head of Risk Management can be a member of the Risk Circle, even if the role does not form part of the Executive Board)
  • This package is only available for FINMA regulated and for listed companies. For groups with various legal entities, the nominated employees can be part of a subsidiary. Alternatively, a separate Corporate Membership at subsidiary level can be bought, as long as this subsidiary is regulated separately by FINMA.

Corporate membership in summary

Corporate MembershipBasicFull
2x Access to exclusive networking platform CRO Circle
– free access to regular networking events
– nominated individuals are at C-level, need to be in
Executive or Non-Executive board
– for FINMA regulated and for listed companies
10x Free Individual Memberships p.a. (regular price 100.-)YesYes
5x Free Swiss Risk Dinners p.a. (regular price 150.-)YesYes
Price p.a. in CHF1.4k5k

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Membership for Companies

  • Nominate up to 2 representatives to be part of the exclusive “CRO Circle”.
  • Nominate up to 10 employees who enjoy the full benefits of individual membership.
  • 5 free entrances to our Swiss Risk Dinner events (worth 150.- CHF).
  • Free support and handling of your employee accounts.


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