Roadmap 2024

We have created a roadmap of events for 2024:

Chapter Description

To provide a cohesive narrative for our new chapter on ‘Credit Risk’, we will weave together the topics of our first events into a multi-episode story. This story will be presented in 3-4 SRA events scheduled for the chapter.

  • Economic cycles and interest rate movements have a profound impact on credit risk. Historically, periods of rising rates have been associated with heightened credit defaults, particularly in vulnerable regions and sectors like consumer finance, mortgages, and SME lending.
  • As risk managers in the financial industry, it is our responsibility to proactively identify and mitigate potential credit risks. This involves utilizing sophisticated risk models, conducting comprehensive historical analysis, and delving into specific sectors to uncover their unique risk profiles.
  • Within the insurance industry, credit risk plays a crucial role in underwriting and pricing policies. Insurance companies employ a range of methods to measure, model, and manage credit risk, ensuring that their portfolios remain robust and resilient in the face of economic fluctuations.