Details of benefits

Individual Member

  • Is a non-transferrable membership account that allows you to join member only events, see restricted content, get reduced price on dinner, join annual Member Party, get discounts.

Member Plus

  • Is an individual non-transferrable account that grants all Individual Member benefits .
  • In addition it enables the person to join «pay events» like Risk Dinners for free (except CRO dinner).

Branding: Logo

  • Sponsors can improve brand awareness with their logo displayed at all events (25 p.a.).
  • We will also feature logo and company description on SRA website (50k visitors p.a.), on events and in newsletter.

Chapter content seat

  • SRA chapter teams manage content and agenda of chapter events. All teams are chaired by a SRA board member.
  • With a chapter content seat you can shape the content of the selected topic by suggesting potential speakers, content and agenda or moderating an event.
  • Product placement or selling is not allowed on any of the SRA events.

CRO Circle seat

  • Is an individual non-transferrable account that enables the person to join CRO circle events, e.g. CRO Circle Dinner or CRO Forum.
  • Available for CROs or C- and Board level colleagues with Corporate Membership.