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Chapter Description:

This Chapter discusses the topic FinTech in light of fast evolving technologies such as Artifical Intelligence (AI). The financial industry – and those related – clearly is undergoing significant transformation. Some of the classic proven business models from the past are disappearing, whilst FinTech accelerates the emergence of new services almost daily.
But what is FinTech after all? What capabilities does AI provide, today and in the near future? What is the new value proposition? How should opportunities and risks of new ventures and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) be assessed by banks, the financial markets, and the people?
The chapter discusses possible impacts of FinTech and the potential of Artificial Intelligence to the financial system overall and to the industry in general.

Chapter Lead:

Chair: Sandro Schmid, AAAccell, Co-President SRA
Co-Chair: Pascal Roth, EPAM
Advisory Partner: Karlo Novak, EY
Council: Peter William Cronin, EPAM
Council: Dr. Florian Herzog, former CEO of Swissquant

Chapter Meetings:

We plan to offer yearly 2-3 chapter meetings. These are for members only. Please consult our upcoming events page to view and register for chapter meetings and visit our past events page so see more details and photos.

Useful Links:

Infographic: The incredible Growth of FinTech by
Video: The Blockchain and us by Manuel Stagars
Study: An Overview of Swiss FinTech by Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ
Whitepaper: Warum Schweizer Unternehmen in KI investieren sollten by Swisscom

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