The Swiss Risk Association has proudly initiated the annual Swiss Risk Award. It recognizes individuals that have demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievements in the field of risk management during the last 12 months.
Application is closed. We are currently in the review process. The winner will be awarded in a ceremony on 23rd of October.



Application is open for all individuals, regardless of SRA membership, occupation, employer or rank:

- You can apply yourself or nominate someone else

- The nominee is currently in a function with a clear connection to risk management

- The nominee is working for any kind of a swiss institution or swiss company (swiss domicile not required)

Note: SRA recognizes and respects the sensitive nature of the information submitted in the entries. Entries are not disclosed or discussed outside the judging process.

Judging process


- We will preselect the applications for completeness

- The Award Committee will select the top 5 finalists

- We will contact the 5 final nominees and will ask for a reference letter and reference contacts

- A judging panel consisting of senior experts from academia and industry will review and vote for the winner in an open ballot

- The winner and top 5 finalists will be invited to the Swiss Risk Award ceremony



- from January 2018: Call for applications and nominations - apply yourself or nominate someone else. 

- 30th June 2018: Deadline for applications and nominations. Application for 2018 is closed. Later applications will be considered for 2019.

- 23th October 2018: Ceremony of the Swiss Risk Award at our next flagship event.


Ceremony and prize


- The ceremony will take place on 23th October 2018 during our flagship event

- 1st prize: the winner will receive the title "Swiss Risk Manager of the Year 2018" and a prize

- All top 5 finalists will be honoured for their achievements with a Swiss Risk Association certificate

The Top 5 finalists in 2017 were
- Florénce Angles, Reyl & Cie Ltd
- David Ardia, University of Neuchâtel
- Christian Fankhauser, SBB
- Daniel Meier, Swiss Re
- Frédéric Planchet, eActuary
The winner and Swiss Risk Manager of the Year 2017 is Christian Fankhauser from SBB. Congratulations!
He was nominated for some of his outstanding projects by Roy Baumann and convinced our jury. The ceremony was part of our Flagship event on 29th November 2017 - please find photos here.