Roadmap 2024/2025

We have created a roadmap of events for 2024 and 2025 to equip you with relevant insights: In our four-part event series you will learn news on Cyber Risk and Cyber Security. Keep an eye out!

Cyber Resilience Roadmap 2024/2025

Chapter Description

Cyber resilience is vital for today’s economy and society and it refers to the ability to deliver intended outcomes despite adverse cyber events.

This chapter gives risk professionals from all industries the opportunity to learn about cyber risks and resilience, to discuss trends and developments, and to exchange best risk management practices. The events and additional information will be geared towards an interested risk audience; deep technical knowledge and experience is not a pre-requisite for participation.

Areas of focus are:

  • Assessment, measurement and modelling of cyber risk exposures, and indicators for decision making
  • Status and development of the threat landscape, including actors, approaches and impact to organizations
  • Cyber risk and resilience management and Governance within an organization
  • The cyber ecosystem

The chapter organizes 2-3 events per year and will strive to deliver a platform for exchange and learning as well as practical advice in a risk area that is fast evolving.